How Flowers Can Make Moments Matter

Flowers of Charlotte is aware that there are dozens of unique reasons to give flowers to the ones you love. In fact, some of our favorite floral exchanges have nothing to do with a major holiday or event—they’re personal occasions that have meaning for you and yours. This is when flowers really matter, when you use them to create a memory or to preserve one.

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Creative Romance Month’s Beautiful Flowers

We here at Flowers of Charlotte want to remind you that not only does February bring us Valentine’s Day, but it’s also officially designated “Creative Romance Month.” What does this mean for you? Well, it’s about time to start getting a little more imaginative and thoughtful in the dates and outings you plan, as well as the kind of gifts you give. When it comes to your flowers gifts, we see a lot of room for both of those things. If you’re giving them at all, you’ve already got the thoughtful piece down. As to the creative part, just leave that to us.

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Flowers Straight From The Designer

The most meaningful occasions and events deserve the best flowers, and the best way to get those is to go straight to the designer. We look forward to the creative challenge every custom order offers because it allows us to call upon our imagination and our expertise in a way that other projects don’t. Flowers of Charlotte employs a team of skilled designers, and that’s why we also offer our Designer’s Choice option.

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A Glamorous Approach To Valentine’s Day

We’re on the cusp of Valentine’s Day, so it’s the perfect moment to begin thinking about who you’ll be getting roses for. Usually, the role of the recipient is played by a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. But what it you want to send roses to your daughter? Your mom? Your sister?

Here at Flowers of Charlotte, we’ve got a rose for every scenario, whether romantic or not.

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The Power Of Pantone’s Purple

The power of Pantone’s purple – or should we say “Ultra Violet,” its name – is real, and we here at Flowers of Charlotte are loving it. The color company has chosen it as the 2018 Color of the Year, and that’s a big deal for designers and florists and other creative types. It helps set the tone for the year ahead in terms of style and sensibility, and that’s just fine by us. Purple is a distinct, rich, magnetic color with a majestic side. It can be mystical and deep or light and sweet, as in lavender.

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Pretty Flowers For Your Galentine’s Besties

Friendship is a beautiful thing, we think here at Flowers of Charlotte, and yet there’s never been a day devoted to celebrating it, until now.

Galentine’s Day entered the popular imagination via a 2010 episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, where main character Leslie Knope proposed an alternative to Valentine’s Day that instead focused on one’s love for friends. In the show, Knope took her ladies out to lunch and gave them gifts. The idea caught on, resonating well beyond the show’s audience. And now, every year, more and more women are celebrating Galentine’s Day on February 13th.

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Embracing Flowers All Year Long

We know you love flowers as much as we do here at Flowers of Charlotte, and we think one of your top New Year’s resolutions should be to send more of them. We’re so behind this idea that we want to introduce you to one of our favorite floral gift giving ideas: flowers for a year.

As you can imagine, we’ve seen all of the floral exchange scenarios, from the last-minute to the conscientiously-planned. And when we say this is one gifting experience to seriously consider, we mean it.

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Promoting Peace and Comfort Through Flowers

One of the best things you can do for someone who is under the weather is to send them some flowers. If they’re in the hospital, your gesture might even be more powerful: a 2008 study by the American Society of Horticultural Science established that patients who have flowers or a potted plant in their room rely less on pain medication and have lower blood pressure overall.

Here at Flowers of Charlotte, we acknowledge the many positive impacts giving flowers can have on the mind and the body, both of the recipient and the giver.

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Winter’s Glorious Bouquets

Flowers of Charlotte has just the thing to to fix the winter blues, and we’re pretty sure you can guess what it is. During a time of year when the days are short, the nights long and seasonal affective disorder isn’t just something you read about, flowers are more important to have in the home and office than ever. Studies reflect that they not only boost the mood, but they have also shown to enhance mental clarity and to encourage a positive outlook.

There’s no better time to give flowers to someone else or to yourself, especially when so many glorious bouquets are on offer.

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Trending: Posh Flowers For 2018

International Floral Distributors has released their trend forecast for 2018, and we at Flowers of Charlotte are embracing the four styles equally. IFD speculates that modern, minimalist nature will have a big year when it comes to floral design, along with looks influenced by the Mediterranean and a turn toward bright, folksy flowers. But it’s the “Positively Posh” trend that we’re truly loving. Let us show you why.

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